What does transforaminal mean?

mean transforaminal

It means going through an opening. The foramen is the bony opening between the vertebrae through which the lumbar nerve root exits the spine and travels down to the leg. It is in this bony opening where the lumbar nerve root becomes compressed between the disc and the bony wall of the opening or foramen. To treat the inflamed nerve root anti-inflammatory medication must be introduced into the foramen where the nerve is being compressed. What is a transforaminal epidural steroid injection? You will be asked to lie on a special x-ray table. You will be given light intravenous sedation and local anesthetic in the area over the nerve root opening. Using live x-ray (fluoroscopy) a needle will be guided into the opening where the nerve root is being compressed. A dye solution that can be seen on our x-ray monitor is injected so that we can determine the extent to which the nerve is being compressed. Local anesthetic is then injected around the nerve root to relieve your pain. A steroid medic