What does "troll the ancient yuletide carol" mean?

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3 Answers


"troll" in "troll the ancient yuletide carol" actually means:

to sing heartily, loudly, or freely;  to sing in succession the parts of a song.

There are actually different variations of the "Deck the Halls" where people substitute "toll" with "troll" but it actually means to sing heartily and loudly the ancient yuletide carol.

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its "toll" in "toll the ancient yuletide carol" and has to do with the reference to tolling a bell, or ringing it, because most carols involve beautiful bell accompaniments more

Hard for many of us to believe but it troll, not toll. Some printings have mistakenly edited the spelling of troll to toll because many publishers who viewed it saw it as a misspelling, but its not. And by troll we are not talking about those big beasties from Middle Earth, but rather to give it your all regardless of how tone-deaf you may be. And as for the Yuletide Carol, I imagine it refers to "For Auld Lang Syne", or other songs that honor and remember our ancestors be them Christian or other.

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