What does vicarious liability mean?

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Vicarious liability is the term used when organizations are ultimately responsible for an event or property, and are held legally liable for the actions and negligence of their employees and volunteers. Organizations could be vicariously liable for negligent, intentional or unintentional actions of those operating on their behalf. In other words, the employees' negligent actions will be considered the actions of the organization, and consequently, the organization will be held personally liable if these actions are performed while the employee is in the course of employment. This vicarious liability can even extend to intentional acts of civil wrongs (torts) done by employees or agents of an organization that cause harm to a third party. Such intentional torts include such actions as harassment, assault and battery. Case law related to liability of employers for accidents resulting from workplace alcohol consumption by their employees In Jacobsen v. Nike Canada Ltd., 1996 CanLII 3429 ... more
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