What does water represent in the Bible? What does the number 7 represent?

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To my knowledge water in the Bible stands for nothing except water. As to why God utilized it as He did we are not told. It could be that since water is the predominant element in physical cleansing God utilized it in the spiritual cleansing as well. We are not given any reason for His utilization of water and we are not told that it represents anything. As to the number 7 and its meaning; Seven is the number used is scripture extensively representing perfection or completion. It was used primarily in the apocalyptic writings; Ezekiel, Daniel and Revelation signifying such. Apocalyptic literature was written in signs and symbols to veil the meaning of the message from certain enemies but readily understood by the people of God. What does "cor jesu adveniat regnam tuum adveniat per marian" mean? It is a Latin phrase meaning "Heart of Jesus may you come (to me). May your kingdom come through Mary." What is the canonization of the old testament. The word canon comes from the Greek kanon, ... more
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