What does wet/dry fixture mean?

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1 Answer

We test fixtures fully submerged, to assure no moisture penetrates into the fixture. This is especially good as many junction boxes have a tendency to have moisture intrusion. • What is the difference between an A, B, and C hood? • A-hood - includes 8 integral weep holes that drain water away from the lens. Suggested when fixture is aimed in the up position. • B-hood - made like the A hood except the B hood does not have the 8 weep holes. B hoods are often used facing down on a wall mounted fixture. • C-hood - machined on the outside. This allows an angled glare shield to be screwed on to the fixture with a locking ring. This eliminates the need for a "set screw." That can cause a fracture to the surface finish, creating an opening for corrosion "creep" under the finish. This could result in the ultimate failure of the surface finish. • You have 3 glare shields S, L, A what does that mean? S is for short, L is for long, A is for a 45 degree angled glare shield. They vary in length ... more
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