What effect do ear mites in cats have?

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1 Answer

Ear mites in felines are the most common cause of feline ear disease. They are the second most common ectoparasite found on cats; the most common is the flea. Infestations are most common in kittens and young cats although cats of any age can be affected. Clinical signs of infestation vary in severity from one cat to another and include combinations of: • Ear irritation causing scratching at the ears or head shaking • A dark waxy discharge from the ear • Areas of hair loss resulting from self-trauma - scratching or excessive grooming • A crusted rash • Aural hematoma - a large blood blister cause by rupture of small blood vessels between the skin and cartilage of the ear usually on the inner aspect - caused by scratching at the ears Skin lesions most frequently affect the ear and surrounding skin but uncommonly other areas of the body may be affected. How are cat ear mite infestations diagnosed? Typical clinical signs with a history of contagion between cats or cats and dogs would ... more
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