What effects do cigarettes and alchol advertisements have on young people?

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1 Answer

1) They increase the demand of young people for cigarettes and alcohol: "Advertising clients are predominantly, but not exclusively, profit-generating corporations seeking to increase demand for their products or services. Some organizations which frequently spend large sums of money on advertising but do not strictly sell a product or service to the general public include: political parties, interest groups, religion-supporting organizations, and militaries looking for new recruits. Additionally, some non-profit organizations are not typical advertising clients and rely upon free channels, such as public service announcements." Source and further information: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Advertisement 2) They are the cause that so many young people start to smoke or to drink, see smoking and drinking in a positive manner and endanger their health in doing so. Smoking and drinking are not necessarily only bad, but one should also be informed about the huge drawbacks.
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