What Equipment is used in Timber Harvesting?

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1 Answer

Timber harvesting, the more modern term for logging, is the act of cutting down trees, removing them from the forest, and eventually processing them into consumer or business products. Logging is one of the major industries on the planet, as trees are used in everything from construction, to paper, to clothing, to garden supplies. There are many pieces of equipment used at every step in the timber harvesting process, and the equipment is constantly evolving to be more efficient, more versatile, and safer. Traditionally, timber harvesting has been one of the most dangerous occupations. In recent years, however, a big push has been made to increase safety across the board. This has largely involved making the equipment safer, and implementing more safeguards to make sure that when things do start to go wrong systems come into play to keep everyone as safe as possible. Although not entirely successful, modern timber harvesting equipment is nonetheless significantly safer than that used ... more
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