What essential oils help manage anxiety?


essential oils help manage anxiety?


Essential oils have many benefits. You can use them to address skin concerns, repair damaged hair, relieve stress, and even manage anxiety. Essential oils are said to be effective in helping people handle the conditions linked to anxiety like lack of sleep and stress. 

If you experience lack of sleep due to anxiety, you can use lavender oils as part of your aromatherapy which is a method of treatment that uses the extract of plants (which are oils and other compounds) in helping the body achieve a state of health and wellness.

Lavender oil isn’t just effective in addressing sleep concerns. Inhaling this fragrance also see an immediate reduction in their stress levels. It has a relaxing effect that will help relieve feelings of restlessness and irritability as well. Next to lavender is Rose which works well in relieving panic attacks. Ylang Ylang is great if your mood needs a little boost. Its cheerful scent will surely make you feel calm and optimistic. Another essential oil you should try is Bergamot which has a calming effect and can effectively help manage insomnia. More info about essential oils for anxiety can be found in Spry Candles UK. 

Jack Evance

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