What factors influence the turbidity of water?

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1 Answer

1. Turbidity is the result of suspended solids in the water that range from clay, silt, and plankton, to industrial wastes and sewage. The lower the turbidity, the clearer the water is. 2. High turbidity may be caused by soil erosion, waste discharge, urban runoff, flooding, dredging operations, channelization, increased flow rates, algae growth, or even too many bottom-feeding fish (such as carp) that stir up bottom sediments. What is the optimal amount of turbidity of water for most aquatic plants and animals? 1. A normal range for a turbidity of a river has not been established. 2. Turbidity of drinking water can range from 0.5-1.0 NTU, but should never exceed 1.0 NTU. 3. Turbidity that exceeds 5.0 NTU can be easily detected. 4. A turbidity of 0-10 JTU is considered normal. What factors are affected by the turbidity of your watershed? 1. Turbid water s particles absorb the sun s rays, which cause the water temperature to increase and dissolved oxygen to decrease. This may ...
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