What four countries make up the United Kingdom?

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Section two of the citizenship curriculum would cover Britain as a multicultural society. This includes the four nations of the United Kingdom, as well as recent patterns of immigration and the changing ethnic and religious make-up of the UK. Eight of the nine citizens we polled knew that England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales are the four cornerstones of modern Britain. Pass rate: 89% If a UK citizen is arrested, can he or she be held indefinitely without charge? The advisory group wants new citizens to understand their rights and responsibilities under the law. This section would include the scope of police power, human rights legislation, consumer protection, marriage and family law, and an understanding of crown and magistrates' courts. Five people questioned knew that the police must charge you with a crime in order to continue holding you after a specified amount of time. Non-citizens can be held without charge or trial. Pass rate: 56% What is the UK minimum wage for ... more
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