What fruit and vegetables can my two chinese dwarf hamsters eat?

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1 Answer

Feeding your Robo good healthy food is important! Proper nutrition plays a important role in the life, reproduction and health of your pet. Here are some of the many things robo’s enjoy eating: * Pelleted hamster diets of more than 14 % protein content * Occasional small treats of bird seeds or insects or meal worms purchased from the pet store * Occasional raw vegetable in small amounts * Fresh clean water access Foods to avoid feeding your Robo: * Candy, dried fruits, raisins, sweets, they have a tendency towards diabetes * Cooked or processed foods * Chocolate, junk food This pet can suffer nutritional disorders if not fed a balanced nutritious diet. Please make sure that the commercial hamster diet you purchase is fresh and not out of date that you are providing for your robo dwarf hamster care. more
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