What genetic diseases are Maltese prone to and what are some of the most common medical problems that Maltese have?

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1 Answer

Below is a list of diseases and problems that the Maltese dog can commonly have or be predisposed for. However, please keep in mind that overall the Maltese breed is a fairly healthy breed but that there can be factors such as poor and unethical breeding that can become a huge factor in the health of a particular Maltese dog. Aberrant cilia: eyelashes growing abnormally, such as rubbing against the eyeball Anal Glands: these are two glands found on either side of the anus under the tail also known as "scent glands" which is why you often see two dogs sniffing in that location when they meet, as it is manner of identification. These two glands will normally express a brown, smelly liquid on their own during defecation. They can also be expressed by muscular contraction when the dog is frightened or excited. Sometimes the glands are not naturally expressed and become full or cause irritation which will cause a dog to "scoot" along the ground. An owner, groomer or veterinarian can ... more
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