What golfers silhouette was used to design the PGA Tour logo?

chuck bowden

I created a logo exactly like this PGA silhouette for SPESSARD HOLLAND GOLF COURSE near Melbourne, Fla in late 1979, early 1980…I was working for John’s Custom Casuals in Cocoa Beach when I drew this exact logo. I worked there {this was your typical airbrushed t-shirts type place} late 1979 to about Feb. 1980 and then worked as a technical illustrator for Harris Corporation for the bulk of 1980 {Ray Raboin was my immediate boss and Ed Panosian was his boss}. I am a photorealist and I traced this image, with some slight alterations {as you can see, the arm positioning is an impossibility} from an existing photograph and far as I can recall, it was Johnny Miller as he was one of my favorites {yes, I was a golfer also}. The exact pose probably can be found in one of the well known Golf Magazines from the 2nd half of 1979. I used this silhouette minimalist style as a way to speed up results for various commercial purposes, deadlines etc. I did use this exact style on several other jobs at the time. I later went on to be a freelance commercial illustrator in S.F. and L.A. and this was one of my earliest jobs. I cannot tell you how my illustration went from Spessard Holland to the PGA, maybe someone can back track this info now. I was paid $60 for the logo. I was 21 at the time. I personally delivered this logo to Spessard Holland after completion.


Like the logo of any company, it has changed a huge number of times. All companies are trying to keep up with the times, changing at least their logo to look fresh. There are many stories when a logo change or rebranding helped a company to orbitalize a second wind and strengthen its position in the market. Although some companies do not need this. For example, recently thanks to https://clubandtee.com/best-golf-driver-for-beginners/ I learned about some companies that produce very high quality golf equipment. Their success is only due to the quality of their products, not advertising and rebranding. I think it would be nice if all companies were striving for a similar result.


The silhouette logo for the PGA was tweaked too many times in brand development to be any one golfer, says Dave Lancer, director of information for the Professional Golfer’s Association Tour.

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