What government type did George Washington favor?

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1 Answer

The first American gov't under the Articles of Confederation was a loosely knit assembly of independent states. The big states bullied the smaller states. The richer states lorded it over the poorer states. The costs of the Revolutionary War were apportioned to the states but because there was no way to enforce payment, some states didn't pay their share. This is why some very smart men decided that the country needed a stronger central government that would have the power to tax, to raise an army and to enforce its laws. The 9th state, New Hampshire ratified the Constitution on June 21, 1788. Some states would not ratify it. The new United States was not a unified country when Washington became President. George Washington was revered by American citizens as the hero of the Revolutionary War. It was his job to unify the country around the concept of a federal government and to quiet their fears of a strong central government. If you'd asked him whether he favored a strong federal ... more
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