What hair products can i use on a wig?

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2 Answers

Most hair products can be used on a wig. Hairspray, spiking glue, freeze spray, etc. The product you cannot use on a wig is hair GEL. Gel is made to work with the oils in your natural hair, and so it won't work properly on a wig, though it's okay since gel isn't as effective in making anime style spikes. Other products you can use on a wig are white school glue and tacky glue, they are good for antigravity spikes and usually cost less than hair glue. Both will wash out of wigs with warm water. Avoid super glue and epoxy glues since they generate heat and can hurt the wig, they also do not wash out. Additionally, you should avoid hot glue because it can melt fibers, it also will not come off the wig. more
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It depends on the materials of the wig. If the wigs is made of human hair, you can do whatever you want. For synthetic wigs, no iron roller. decentwigs@yahoo.com http://www.flickr.com/photos/decentwigs

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