What happened to joe the plumber?

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1 Answer

Joe the plumber turned out to not be a licensed plumber at all. Thomas Joseph, the business manager of Local 50 of the United Association of Plumbers, Steamfitters and Service Mechanics, based in Toledo, said that Mr. Joe Wurzelbacher had never held a plumber’s license, which is required in Toledo and several surrounding municipalities. He also never completed an apprenticeship and does not belong to the plumber’s union, which has endorsed Mr. Obama. On Thursday, he acknowledged that he does plumbing work even though he does not have a license. He works for, Newell Plumbing & Heating, has two full-time employees: himself and the owner, Al Newell Also, his name was not Joe, it was Sam. Samuel J. Wurzelbacher. He just complained about president elect Obamas taxes because he actually owed back taxes to the government. So my guess is people stopped caring once he found out that he was a fraud. more
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