What happened to the wreckage of the Hindenburg?"

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Some people who were on the scene at the time got pieces of the wreckage... but most of it was retained by the Zeppelin Company and sent back to Germany for examination. The skin of course succomed to the fire but since a diridgible is built with the lightest of materials, it's safe to assume it would have been thin enough to have melted from the heat. The frame is comprised of The remains from that, since it still belonged to a foreign country (Nazi Germany), were most likely returned to the owning country. The Lakehurst Historical Society Museum, open for three hours on Wednesdays and Sundays (12pm-3pm), has a small exhibit of photos and artifacts. But there's little else in this sleepy town that hints at its place in history, for here is where the Hindenburg crashed and burned in 1937. Remaining pieces: • Artifacts are on loan by the Historical Society to museums for special exhibits. The town of Toms River,NJ, "has a very nice display of LTA material," according to a Society ...
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