What happened with the chinook salmon fishing season this year?

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1 Answer

The season closure had nothing to do with overfishing. The reason was that after years of draining the river (where the salmon go to spawn) for farmlands, the water level became lower and warmer which in turn created disease in the salmon. Less salmon were running this year, so the salmon season was closed for most commercial salmon fisherman in our area this year. This means that when our supplies of canned Chinook Salmon are sold, we will not be able to catch and can more until atleast next summer. However, our Blueback salmon and Alaskan Red Salmon are worth trying; the Blueback Salmon comes from local waters and is very rich in flavor, yet lighter tasting than the Chinook (we like it just straight out of the can with a little bit of seasoning salt). It is also extremely high in Omega 3 fatty acids and low in mercury. The Alaskan Red Salmon is the same fish as the Blueback, only with skin and bones and with a different name. If you would like to try just a couple of cans of these ... more
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