What happens during a Mormon sealing ceremony at a wedding?

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1 Answer

Like it has been stated, a 'sealing' is simply a 'marriage for God' in addition to being a 'marriage for the law'. A 'sealed' marriage is said to be in force even in the afterlife. In other words, a woman who marries a man for time and eternity in the Mormon temple will still have him as a husband when they both die. Having been married myself in the temple and having seen other couples do so, here is what happens: Friends and family who are temple-worthy (practicing Mormons who keep the LDS commandments) are admitted into the sealing room (like a chapel) to witness the wedding. In the room there is an altar, usually white in color to signify purity. The couple is dressed in white, as is the Sealer. The couple kneels across this altar (to show humility to God) to exchange their wedding vows, which are eternal in nature. They basically promise to be loyal to each other, to have and to hold, and other similar things. The Sealer (like a priest or reverend) offers counsel and advice for ... more
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