What happens if I have a pinched meniscus?

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Meniscal Tears Turning or twisting injuries of the knee may cause tearing of the meniscus. Meniscal tears may also be the result of wear and tear with no history of acute injury. Anatomy Knee ligaments and menisci The menisci are C shaped cartilage structures that serve very important functions in the knee. The medial and lateral menisci function as shock absorbers in force transmission across the knee and aid in knee joint stability. The meniscus protects the articular cartilage in the knee from wear and tear by providing a larger surface area of support for each unit of force transmitted across the knee. Meniscal Injuries Meniscal tears usually occur as a result of twisting or turning injuries. They may also occur as a result of long term wear and tear resulting in degenerative meniscal tears. They may present as an isolated injury or in combination with a ligament tear. Patients usually complain of pain, swelling and recurrent painful snapping or popping within the knee. ... more
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