What happens if someone on probation fails a drug test?

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1 Answer

If drug testing is a condition of that individual's probation and probation administered the test, failing that test may result in a violation of that person's probation. The question then becomes will the officer make a formal complaint/violation which will result in a hearing or will the officer warn the individual and in a sense give that person another chance. Much, depends on the relationship the probationer has developed with the officer and whether or not the probationer is compliant in other aspects of this probation term. Toward an attempt to help the probationer, the officer may direct that person to additional drug counselling and of course, the probationer may always seek such counselling on his own. In a worst case scenario, the violation is brought before the court, there is a hearing and the probationer is found guilty. The judge then must decide whether or not to continue probation or impose a jail term. more
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