What happens if we have joint legal custody and can't agree on a major decision?

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Neither parent has the superior right to make a major decision. Family courts encourage parents to make major decisions together, because otherwise you each could make decisions that contradict the other. For example, if you couldn't agree on which school to send your children to, one of you could enroll the children in one school and the other could enroll the children in another school. You could then send the children to one school one day and the other school the other day. This obviously is not good for the children. Instead of each parent insisting on the exclusive right to make decisions, it is better for the children if parents try to resolve the disagreement. One good way to resolve a disagreement regarding a major decision is for both parents to discuss the matter with a mediator. A mediator can help you reach a decision that addresses both parents' concerns. Most counties provide at least one mediator to help people through situations like this. For more information, call ... more
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