What happens in the reaction between an iron nail and copper sulphate?

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Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Do you know what is metal reactivity series Its a group of metals arranged in form of Table according to their chemical reactivity Its prepared after doing some Experiments like after undergoing chemical reaction of these metals with Water , acid , O2 or other metal salt solution The metal which which undergoes more violent or vigorous chemical reactions is said to more reactive Here is a part of Metal Activity series K------------------------ Potassium Na---------------------- Sodium Ca---------------------- Calcium Mg---------------------- Magnesium Al----------------------- Aluminium Zn----------------------- Zinc Fe----------------------- Iron Sn----------------------- Tin Pb----------------------- Lead H------------------------- Hydrogen Cu----------------------- Copper Ag----------------------- Silver Hg----------------------- Mercury Au----------------------- Gold Now as in practical life a powerful person dominates minor people It is same in this case in ... more
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