What happens on Palm Sunday?

happens palm Sunday

= It is the Sunday before Easter. This day marks the arrival of Jesus in Jerusalem. Palm crosses are distributed in churches and there are often processions of palms to recall how the crowds land branches at the feet of the colt bearing Jesus into the city. What is the colour of hangings in the church on Palm Sunday? = Red. What happens on the Wednesday of Holy Week? = The oils of chrism, which remain, are burnt. These oils are used to anoint people for baptism, confirmation and ordination. They are also used for anointing objects in churches and for use with those who are chronically sick and not expected to recover. Why is the Wednesday in holy week also called Spy Wednesday? = Because it is the day which recalls the betrayal of Jesus by Judas. What happens on Maundy Thursday? = The bishop of the diocese consecrates new oils for the following year. The day also commemorates the occasion when Jesus ate a last supper with his disciples in Jerusalem. Sometimes the priest washes the feet