What happens to chinese families if they have more than 1 child ?

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1 Answer

China's population control does actually restrict the number of children born to a married couple. According to wikipedia, "In most rural areas, families are allowed to apply to have a second child if the first is a girl,or has a physical disability, mental illness, or mental retardation. Second children are subject to birth spacing (usually 3 or 4 years). Additional children will result in large fines: families violating the policy are required to pay monetary penalties and might be denied bonuses at their workplace." In most urban areas it is not illegal to have multiple births during the first pregnancy, and wealthy couples have increasingly turned to fertility medicines to have multiple births, because of the lack of penalties against couples who have more than one child in their first birth. Forced abortions do excist. However, many couples still get around the law by sending the pregnant woman to stay with relatives until the baby is born or claiming the newborn baby was ... more
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