what happens to my hsa if i leave my health plan or job, switch to a traditional plan or retire?

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You own your account, so you keep your HSA, even if you change health plans, leave your job or retire. If you are no longer enrolled in an HDHP, you are not eligible to make contributions to your HSA, but you may request withdrawals for qualified medical expenses. Unused funds will still accrue interest while in the HSA. Return to Top how do i find information regarding medical costs and quality so that i can make informed health care choices? With an HSA, you have the ability to shop around for care based on quality and cost to determine your optimal value. You are not restricted to a specific network of health care providers. The challenge in the health care market place at this time is that information, including cost and quality, has been difficult to find. HealthPowerWon is uniquely positioned to provide this important yet scarce information. Working with us, you have access to vast amounts of information necessary to educate yourself and to make the best health care decisions ... more
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