What happens when an angel falls in love with a human??

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There are Heavenly Humanoids who were either born in Heaven, or else Ascended from Earth, as Jesus and Elijah did. Lower lifeforms, such as even trees, who come from remote enough Universes, can carry enough energy to metamorphosize into Human form in our Earth Universe (conversely, if WE went to THEIR Universe, WE would be the trees- or lower.) When two beings have sex, their energies are merged and they become one. You cannot appreciate this, unless you were a seer. DIANETICS AXIOM 55. 55. Survival effort for an organism includes the Dynamic thrust by that organism for the survival of Itself, Its Procreation, Its Group, Its Sub-Species, Its Species, All Life Organisms, Material Universe, The Life Static and, possibly, a Supreme Being. (Note: List of dynamics.) The EIGHT DYNAMICS are: 1. Self; 2.Family; 3.Groups; 4.All Mankind; 5. All Living Things; 6.The MEST 9Physical) Universe; 7.Spirits; 8.God. Human beings are NOT parts of the Dynamics, they ARE the Dynamics. Racism, for ... more
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