What happens when the body becomes dehydrated?

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1 Answer

The body needs so much water a day because it does not have a reserve of water. Once the body runs out of its water supply it cannot re-hydrate itself. When the body becomes dehydrated, the signs are both mental and physical. The symptoms of dehydration include light-headedness, dizziness, nausea, thirst, and fatigue. A water deficit of only one quart of water slows blood circulation and reduces concentration. (http://www.water.com/your_health_news/hs_gh_art005_p01.asp) According to Kari-Ann Harrison, Products Specialist, in 37% of Americans, the thirst mechanism is so weak that it is often confused with hunger. 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated. Mild dehydration will slow down ones metabolism as much as 3%. (http://www.calorad-distributors.com/water.htm) When a body is dehydrated, it pulls water from a lot of different places in the body to compensate for the lack of water. Water is taken mostly from inside ones cells. Some water is taken from outside the body cells, and 8% ... more
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