What happens when there is lack of water in the body?

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1 Answer

Our body is made up of 80% water. Every few hours our body throws out poisons from the body in the form of urine. If there is insufficient water, the toxins become concentrated and can result in severe "clogging" of the kidneys, resulting in dangerous kidney disorders AND EVEN KIDNEY FAILURE. It is a frightening thought that vested interests are behind this move to make kidneys fail. We hope and pray that that is not so - that this "advice" is at best a mistake and a misunderstanding. How much water does a baby need? There is no standard quantity. When the baby needs water it cries for it in a particular way - from the throat - you hear a sort of double sound indicating a cracking of the voice due to dryness. The baby will only drink as much as it needs - no more. How to give water to a baby? If your baby is a new-born, boil the water with a few grains of sauf (fennel seeds) and one or two whole pepper balls. Strain, cool and give to the baby in a baby bottle. Some babies prefer a ...
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