What herman tortoises can eat, a list please?

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One of the most important aspects of tortoise care is proper diet. The following diet guidelines will help ensure the health and longevity of your tortoise. Tortoises will accept many foods that are not good for them. They may appear completely healthy for years on a poor diet. However, a poor diet such as those that are rich in sugar, protein or animal fats impair organ function Recommended basic food plants: Dandelion both flower and leaves Hawkbits Sowthistles Hawkweeds. Hawkbeards Clovers (red/white) Honeysuckle Cat's ears Vetches Mallows Sedums Robinia (pseudo-acacia) leaves Acanthus Dead Nettle(white/red) Pansys Viola Rose petals Hedgemustard (in moderation) Chick weed Plantain (greater and slender) Fushia Herb Robert Milk thistle (toxic if grown in fertilised soil) Goats beard Petunias Mimulas Aloe vera Prickley pear(flowers and pads) Garden sage Wild sage Yarrow HIBISCUS Nasturtium Butter nut squash Impatients Bitter crest Hosta Campanula Sticky bud Aubretia Nipple wort ... more
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