What hours do elementary, middle, and high school cafeteria workers work, and do they work all year?

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There are several levels of cafeteria workers. Some work full time 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. They are respondible for planning menus, ordering supplies, supervising other employees, making work schedules, etc. This level of employee does work all year, because the kitchens must be kept in top working condition. Other workers are on the same schedule as the teachers, mostly part-time, and they do the serving, clean-up and supervise the work-study students. Sometimes they are actually teachers who are assigned cafeteria duty to supplement their other part-time work. There are work-study students, or interns, who work only a few hours a day for school credits. Each school district has their own rules and regulations for the cafeteria. Many schools are now choosing to close their on-site cafeterias and substituting an outside food provider which prepares the meals at a centralized site and delivers to each school in ready-to-serve packages. The students simply line up and pick up the ...
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