What if I’m not home when UPS attempts delivery?

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1 Answer

If UPS determines that it is not safe for them to leave the package for you, they will leave you a note saying that they attempted delivery. They will generally do this three times before returning the package to us. On the UPS note, you will find a phone number where you can contact UPS directly to inquire about the delivery. Most UPS centers are open until 7pm. You can call to inquire about the next delivery time, request another delivery at a particular time, or let them know that you will stop by the UPS center to pick up the items. Alternately, you can have the order redirected to an address where you know you will be during the day. Please note that these arrangements will be made directly between you and UPS once the delivery attempt has been made. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us at customerservice@wejetset.
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