What if my book doesnt have an ISBN number (such as a Book Club or Proof edition)?

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1 Answer

When listing a book for sale, the ISBN (the books number) must be on our database for it to be accepted, but you may find some older books, special editions or books specifically printed for a book club may not be listed or sometimes may not actually have an ISBN number. Please note we do not allow the listing of Proof Copies for sale due to legal reasons If your books have a CN number (instead of an ISBN number) on the back, then try listing them in the normal way, using this code number (including the CN followed by the number without spacing ie, enter CN1234). If the number entered is not recognized, then select our Smart Match facility. Our Smart Match system will then automatically ask you for the title and author of each book and match the details to the normal version already in our database. If you cannot find an ISBN or CN number on your book, then simply follow the link to "add a book without an ISBN" from the Sell a Book page to use our Smart Match facility. more
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