What if the defendant violates the restraining order?

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1 Answer

If the defendant violates any provisions in Part I of a TRO or FRO, (for example, calling you or appearing at your place of work, home or school), call the police immediately. Have your copy of the restraining order ready to show the police. Your abuser can be arrested and jailed. For violations of a provision in Part I of a TRO or FRO, and especially if the abuser violated the order by committing a crime (for example, stalking or harassing you) the local police must sign a criminal complaint for contempt. You have the right to call the police as many times as you need to when you are in danger from your attacker. If the defendant violates a provision in Part II of a TRO or FRO (for example, failing to return personal property, failing to pay support or failing to attend domestic violence counseling), the victim should return to the Domestic Violence Unit to ask the court to enforce the order. It is very important for you to carry a copy of the Domestic Violence Restraining Order ... more
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