What if the vest color is used as part of the logo color?

color logo Used vest

This will reduce the number of colors used in the pad print process; hence, saving you a set up charge. Basically, it will leave a “see through” in the logo showing the color of the vest. • Can I mix the color or sizes of safety vests per order? Yes. The color mix and sizes will be considered in calculating the unit price break. Note: The logo, configuration, and print colors must be the same on every safety vest. Otherwise, we will have to set up two distinct logo’s. • Does the print size vary per safety vest style? The first step is to get the design over to us by e-mail, standard mail, UPS, etc. Please specify the type of vest, color of vests, total number of vests to be printed, location of the logo, and the Pantone numbers for any colors in the logo. Or, if you like we have an online order/bid form that you can complete. Click here • What is the minimum order for imprinted safety vests? The minimum order on the printed safety vests is 24. Keep in mind that the set up charges will

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