What in the world is Metacognitive sehnsucht?"

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So in effect Metacognitive Sehnsucht is the introspective study of life longings or desires. Examples could be the self study of your drive to reproduce, or the biological clock. Metacognition: The term metacognition refers to the act of thinking about thinking, or the cognition of cognition. It is the ability for you to control your own thoughts. Confused? Although it is a complex construct, the definition is not complex. It really is the knowledge and regulation of cognitive phenomena which means, you can control your own thoughts. Metacognition includes the ability for you to control, 1) person variables (knowledge about one's self, and others' thinking), 2) task variables (knowledge that different types of tasks exert different types of cognitive demands), and; 3) strategy variables (knowledge about cognitive and metacognitive strategies for enhancing learning and performance). more
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Posted by dodo 4 hours ago Education To understand the meaning of “metacognitive sehnsucht”, you have to first understand the meaning of each word individually. If you understand individual meaning s of words you will get the clear picture of the word “metacognitive sehnsucht”. According to dictionary Metacognition means knowing about knowing or in other words cognition about cognition. For better understanding you can say that Metacognition means that knowledge about strategies and finding the solutions for the problem. Knowledge about memory is most important for Metacognition. Parva Naturalia and theDe Anima of the Greek philosopher Aristotle, write about Metacognition in the past. Sehnsucht is the German word and it’s very hard to translate this into proper word. "Intensely missing" or "longing" may be give you some understanding of the word. According to my understanding of this word means that you know how to solve the problem by using your mind but still you thing that there ... more

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