What inheritance laws apply in Norway ?

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1 Answer

The principal statute laws applying to inheritance issues in Norway are: • The Act on Inheritance, March 3 1972, nr. 5 (Inheritance Act); • Act on settlement of estates February 21 1930 (Probate Act); • Act on the allodial, and the qualified allodial right, June 28 1974, nr 58. (Allodial Act); • Act on duty and tax on inheritance and certain gifts, June 19 1964, nr. 1, (Inheritance Tax Act); • Act on marriage, April 7 1991 nr. 47 (Marriage Act). Norway has also ratified and implemented two multilateral conventions of relevance to the inheritance of property located in Norway by foreigners: • The Hague Convention of October 5 1961 on the form of wills. • The Nordic Convention of November 19 1934 (NIADE) on inheritance, administration, and division of a deceased's estate Norwegian national inheritance laws, cited above, do not affect everyone owning property in Norway. Succession generally follows the principle of lex domicilii i.e. the laws of the state where the deceased had his/her ... more
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