What inheritance laws apply in Tunisia?

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1 Answer

The principal laws which apply to inheritance issues of foreigners are: • Decree of 13 Aug.1956, promulgating the code du statut personnel .(Inheritance law). • Law n 98-97 of 27 Nov.1998, promulgating the code de droit international priv (Tunisian international private law) which states that inheritance is governed by the law of the deceaseds nationality. • Decree of 4 June 1957, requiring the administration to authorize the ownership of property in Tunisia by a foreigner; completed by law 2005-40 of 11 May 2005: if a foreigner invests in a manufacturing or services company in Tunisia, which is governed by the investment incentives code (Law n93-120 of 27 Dec.1993) then he/she is exempted from administrative authorization. • Law n5-1964 of 12 May 1964, prohibiting a foreigner to own or purchase agricultural land. Exchange and commercial relationships between Tunisia and foreigners are governed by: • Law n 76-18 of 21 Jan.1976, promulgating the code des changes et du commerce ... more
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