What is a 1042-S form?


If you’ve worked as a trainee, student, teacher or researcher in the US on a J or F visa, you might have received a 1042-S form instead of a W2 form. You should receive the 1042-S by mid-March of the following tax year. It outlines non-employment income such as scholarships, fellowships or grants and any income exempt from tax because of a tax treaty. We can use either the W2 or 1042-S to apply for your tax refund.


A 1042S reports scholarships, fellowships, grants, awards and any other payment made to you for which you did not work (i.e. NOT wages). It also reports earned income (wages) which are exempted from tax because of a tax treaty between your country of citizenship and the U.S. If you received these types of income, you are supposed to receive this form from the payers by March 15th every year. Click here for the Cornell payroll office’s information on 1042-S forms. If you are not sure if you will be receiving a 1042-s form, you can contact the payroll office and ask them at 255-9465 or uco-tax-mailbox@cornell.edu.