What is a Bollard?

bollard bollards

What is a Bollard?


Bollards are short posts used to protect assets and re-direct vehicles.  Often made of wood, metal, or concrete, they can be surface-mounted or embedded into the surface.

You find them virtually everywhere, from bike paths and drive-thrus, to parking lots, industrial facilities, and surrounding buildings.


The word “Bollard” was originally used to refer to a short vertical post typically found where large ships dock for mooring. Today, the word now also describes a variety of structures used to control pedestrian and vehicular traffic, protect critical infrastructure, provide perimeter highlights, or to define a pathway. Legend has it that street bollards began life in the 1600’s and were designed to represent upended canons, utilized as boundary posts and other town markers. They have since evolved into an everyday sight around our supermarkets, restaurants, hotels, shops and stadiums. You will often see various styles of traffic, architectural, security and parking metal bollards. Everywhere we look around our roads, towns and cities, everywhere we travel on our highways and byways, these days we cannot avoid the sight of bollards. They tell us which direction to travel in, they protect us from crime, they tell us where we can and cannot park, they add aesthetic features to our offices

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