What is a catchy slogan for healthy eating?

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1 Answer

1. Made with 100% fruit juice Fruit juice is healthy, so this slogan can be tricky. The statement says 'made with', which basically means it contains 100% fruit juice. This statement is not claiming to be '100 percent fruit juice'. So would 1 tablespoon of fruit juice still make this a truthful statement. Yes. But, this product would have other ingredients like water and sugar and more accurately would be called a 'drink'. 2. Made without preservatives I heard this pitch on a Coca Cola commercial. I had to laugh out loud. Surely, we're not to believe soda pop is healthy. Soft drinks are made with phosphoric acid. This highly acidic base means that preservatives aren't needed. The acidic base also causes a physiological response. The body will do its best to maintain a pH balance. So the acid must be neutralized. Just because a product has no preservatives does not warrant a healthy eating 'crown'. 3. No artificial colors or flavors This is good. Just make sure that this isn't the ... more
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