What is a Certified I&R Specialist?

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1 Answer

Certified Information & Referral Specialist (CIRS) is a professional credential awarded internationally by the Alliance of Information & Referral Systems to individuals who successfully complete the AIRS Certification Program for Information & Referral Specialists. It is an acknowledgment of demonstrated competence in the field of information and referral. The CIRS-A is a professional credential for I&R Specialists in Aging, recognizing competence in issues and services for aging and elderly people. It was developed in cooperation with the National Aging I&R Support Center of the National Association of State Unites on Aging (NASUA). The AIRS Certification Program is based on established standards for education, experience and specific competencies and related performance criteria, including knowledge, skills, attitudes and work-related behaviors needed by I&R specialists to successfully assist inquirers in finding appropriate community services.
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