What Is a Chips Petition?

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A CHIPS petition is a legal petition filed to bring assistance to a child in need. While the exact regulations governing CHIPS petitions may vary from state to state, the goal is always to protect the welfare of children.FactCHIPS stands for Children in Need of Protection or Services.FunctionA CHIPS petition is the first step in the legal process of assisting an abused or neglected child. It triggers an investigation into the child’s circumstances, bringing forth the full power of child protective services.FeaturesA CHIPS petition may be filed in cases of abuse, neglect, truancy, or juvenile delinquency.UseThe district attorney or county social services typically files CHIPS petitions. In some states, private citizens with knowledge of a child in need of protection may also file CHIPS petitions.ResolutionThe ultimate goal of a CHIPS petition is to reunite the child with the child’s rightful parents in a safe, permanent home.