What is a cistern?

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A cistern is an underground cement water tank that is used to store water from your well. Water from a cistern is pumped into a pressure tank, and then pumped throughout your house. Back to Top How much does it cost to build? Our customers have found that the average cost of building in the Yucatan Peninsula is between $55 and $75 USD per square foot. At this price, you can expect to have the following amenities: Solid concrete construction footed into the bedrock, marble floors, 10 foot ceilings, marble kitchens and baths, and standard fixtures. The reason that home construction is so inexpensive here compared to the U.S. is that labor cost, which is usually 50% of a homes price, is only 82 cents per hour here in the Yucatan Peninsula. Additionally, beautiful Mexican marble is available at only a fraction of the price of high priced flooring in the U.S. Also, with the mild climate and emphasis on outdoor living, expensive insulated windows and other insulation necessary in more ... more
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A cistern is a large vessel which is used to hold a reserve of water. Cisterns can be either above or below ground, and they come in a range of sizes and shapes, with varying features. Many people in dry or rural areas have cisterns to back up their regular water supply, and in some cases, a cistern is used as the primary source of water for a household. Several companies sell ready-made cisterns for people who want to install them, and others will custom build a cistern to exact specifications. People have been storing water in cisterns for thousands of years. Many early cultures realized the value of saving rainwater, rather than allowing it to run off, and they built large jars and later big containers for the purpose of storing rainwater. Some cisterns could also be filled from springs or rivers. The cistern could be used to supplement water supplies during the dry seasons, and to water gardens. In many regions of the world, you can still see gravity-fed cisterns. These cisterns ... more
Cisterns are reservoir tanks or containers that hold water. Before running water systems came into use, cisterns were used in homes to provide a water supply. Several cisterns were excavated at the Courthouse Site. There were different styles of cisterns, wood lined, stone lined, etc. After they fell into disuse they also were used as garbage dumps and therefore provide a time capsule of cultural material for archaeologists. more
Historic Cistern Built in 1890, the Boca Grande Lighthouse on Gasparilla Island still has an old wooden cistern. It wasn’t much to look at, but it provided fresh, clean water. more

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