What is a CNN News Anchor Salary?

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According to PayScale's salary survey data, the median CNN News Anchor Salary is currently around $90,000. Comparing this to the median Salary Range for News Anchors working in cable television programming, we can see that salaries for CNN news anchors tend to be on the higher end of the salary spectrum for that industry. Not only do CNN news anchor salaries tend to be high, but the cable news industry in general shows a higher median salary range for news anchors than other news industries. When it comes to location, some CNN employees may find higher salaries in certain areas. The CNN Salary by City chart shows a higher median salary for Los Angeles and New York than for Atlanta or D.C. Los Angeles may be at the top of the chart for high salaries, but CNN employees also report the longest Average Commute Time for that city. For another view of compensation at CNN, take a look at the chart showing Popular Benefits at CNN. To see how the median CNN news anchor salary compares to ... more
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