What is a consumption entry?


A consumption entry is one type of CBP entry. A consumption entry is used when goods are imported for use in the United States and are going directly into the commerce of the United States without any time or use restrictions placed on them, which covers about 95% of all entries into the U.S. When we say for use in the United States, we mean for commercial, business or personal purposes. A consumption entry may be formal or informal depending on the circumstances. However, the majority of consumption entries are formal and the goods are being imported for commercial purpose and/or “resale”, which requires filing an Entry Summary (CBP 7501) and acquiring a CBP bond (CBP 301). This covers a broad range of commodities (i.e. textiles, electronics, food etc.) entering the U.S. For example, a commercial shipment of textiles being shipped from China to a distributor in the United States, would be a formal consumption entry. However, if the textiles were going to a warehouse prior to the distr