What is a Credit Instrument?

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Credit instruments are items that are utilized in the place of currency. Just about all individuals and businesses make use of some type of credit instrument on a daily basis. The ability to use a credit instrument instead of currency rests in the fact that debtor and the recipient agree upon the use of the instrument and there is a reasonable expectation that the alternate form of payment will be honored. One of the earliest forms of a credit instrument is the check. Utilized by consumers as a legitimate means of paying for goods and services received, the value of the check is underwritten by funds that are placed in a bank account. Upon the presentation by the recipient of the credit instrument, the bank deducts the specified amount as recorded on the check by the debtor. While the check is no longer the main credit instrument employed in many financial transactions, it remains in use by many businesses and individuals. The credit card is another example of a common credit ... more
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" Ask Answer Groups Debates Login A credit instrument is a term used in the banking and finance world to describe any item agreed upon that can be used as currency. Banks issue credit instruments, in the form of credit cards. Customers, in turn, use these credit instruments to make purchases 'on credit' and pay the amount 'borrowed' back to the bank either at the end of the month, quarter, or whatever term has been agreed upon. Any item can serve as a credit instrument, so long as both parties (the borrower and the lender) have agreed on the use of that instrument. The instrument is basically a promise by the debtor that he/she will pay back the debtor. more
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