What is a Dory?


There are several varieties of dory boats available on the market today. We specialize in the custom Pacific City Dory, which incorporates a flat bottom. These boats are designed to be launched off the beach and run out through the surf. The flat bottom helps stabilize the boat in the ocean swells. To return to shore, the Pacific City dory rides the breakers and slides up onto the wet sand where it can be easily loaded onto a trailer. We use 100% Douglas Fir marine plywood – which is custom made for us at a Pacific Northwest plywood mill – and fine-grained old- growth fir framing. Douglas Fir is rot resistant due to its resin content, and has an excellent strength-to-weight ratio. We use SYSTEM THREE epoxy glue and our fasteners are SWAN SECURE 316 grade stainless steel annular ring nails. Our boats are constructed with consoles, cuddy cabins, fish boxes, built-in tackle trays and under-bow storage. They can be built to utilize either an outboard or inboard-outboard power plant, depend