What is a Dramamine trip like?



Dramamine is a crazy drug, I have done it about 8 times now you have your ups and downs just like anything else. Its really easy to have a bad trip, and believe me you dont want to have a bad trip on dramamine. Everything seems to be like a dream you may see things that are not even there. I once had a friend sit outside talking to our frind for about an hour turns out that kid was never even there he had left the state the day before, but my friend had a great time just talking to him, but on the other hand at that same time i was in the bath tub attempting to scratch of the skin on my balls because I thought I had an STD. this drugĀ  is not for everyone, if you wanna see something the I suggest you do shrooms, because when on this drug you feel really heavy, tired its hard for you to even open your mouth, and when you just think to your self o I will go puke this up or just go to bed and it will all be better soon well sorry it dont work that way you cant sleep on this and its an anti sickness pill you try to puke on it.If your thinking of doing this drug i say do about 12 pills make sure you have a friend and your in a safe place, and dont call the cops or go to the er just cause you feel weird becasue that is how it work you feel like ur gonna OD.
hexedchory666 · answered over a year ago
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A Dramamine trip can be very much like a dream... what you may see can be totally fantastical; however it seems very much like reality. Also, you may forget a large majority of what happened (which may be for the better). Things appear to happen that are totally irrational, yet seem perfectly normal at the time. You have to be careful, as you may find yourself doing things you wouldn't normally try in reality (e.g. more

i just did this yesterday it was my second time, and its crazy. i didnt know what to think its so hard to consintrate it was hard for me to keep my mouth shut and i triped pretty hard my 1st time i was sittign at a table in the "attention homes" a facitiliy in cheyanne and i swore i heard the people aroudn me talking to me but they were all saying things they've said before. then yesterday i thought i seen smoke coming towards my face from the computer and from the top of my hand i kept trying to brush it away or blow it away. it was fun but i wouldnt advise to do it as school or very often. if u have any questions b4 u do it email me at fairy_face13@yahoo.com

felicia · answered over a year ago

I tried Dramamine the other day, I was expecting a lot more out of it, I took 13 pills, I felt a body high a lot like mushrooms. It was not visual, I saw a few blurs and light's look fuzzy, kinda like the begining of a fry. I have done Mushrooms and LSD a few times so I might just need to take more because my tollerence. It definetly was not like everyone has said it was, I would advise you to just eat an eighth of Mushrooms over this stuff...

kaleb pierce · answered over a year ago

dramamine is a durg used for motion sickness

but when over dose (14-16 pills) you trip balls! Like that one time with my and a freind did we just took like 12 each and got a little bud we could just sit and watch a wall like a side of a building and like i saw a movie being played out on this buildingĀ but then an old freind came by said hey then he left then i thought i heard him talking to the cops like he was telling on us but i knew it wasn't real because there was no way he known what i was looking at and when i got home i looked at my headphones i thought some crazy music was playing so i was going to listen to the song but there was no music playing.

i most def. think lsd or doing larger amounts of dramamine could be really fun!

daniel cullen · answered over a year ago

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